Kimberly is an amazing photographer! She has a knack for taking posed pictures and candid pictures, which is a must when it comes to having kids. She captures the beauty in real life moments and expressions. Photographers can be pricey, but Kimberly’s pictures are so affordable that we were able to purchase all of our favorite poses and more! ~Kristen W.

Kimberly is hands down amazing. She is patient and works so well with children. I’ve had shots where my son just wasn’t in the mood and others where he went easy on her and an outsider would never be able to tell the difference from her pictures. She is flexible and always gets the most amazing shoots. Love her work and LOVE her prices –you can afford to get all your favorites and more. I wouldn’t recommend another photographer!! ~Kelley M.

Choosing the right photographer for our family was a big decision for us.  Pricing was important but even more so was Kimberly’s ability to connect with and bring out the best of our childrens personalities during our photo shoots.  Kim has given us our memories and milestones through her photographs that we are sure to pass down through generations. ~Thayleigh B.

Kimberly has an eye for taking beautiful photos no matter the stressors of the day. Within a hour before our session, my daughter and I were in a bad automobile accident literally just down the road from the session. A friend went ahead and brought my daughter to the photo shoot to help her get over the shock of the accident. Kimberly was able to calm her down and take a whole session of beautiful photos. It was my daughter’s first Texas Blue Bonnet session and it helped make a bad day end on a high note. Kimberly has a special gift. I would highly recommend her. ~Holly L.