My beautiful family



Hi! I’m Kimberly…follower of Christ, wife, mom to 4 beautiful children, photographer, custom card designer, teacher, friend, perfectionist…I wear a lot of hats but each one is important in defining who I am and what I love.

I love kids and I appreciate the bounty of challenges and joys they provide. I love to see their faces light up when they accomplish something new, the twinkle in their eye when they are up to no good, the pout that creeps upon their face when told “no” and the smile that quickly replaces the sadness when tickled, hugged, or encouraged. With a degree in child psychology, I taught Preschool, Kindergarten, and 2nd graders over the course of 8 years and after the birth of my 3rd child, I found myself as a stay at home mom. Adjusting to life outside of a classroom and home with 3 kids, I found myself spending more and more time with my camera trying to capture every moment and detail of their lives. My passion for capturing my own children through the lens of a camera spread like wildfire to wanting to do the same for other families. Emily, Aiden, Ethan and Andrew are my inspirations that guide me to finding the true essence of every baby, child and family I am privileged enough to photograph.

I am an on-location photographer that uses natural light to capture you, your children and your family as they are right NOW. I am not opposed to traditional ‘posed’ photos, but what I really enjoy are candid shots…following children around while they explore their world, watching the love between family members as they interact, capturing the true laugh that comes from people who are relaxed and having FUN! It is my honor to create beautiful photographs for your family to treasure, enjoy and look back on for years to come.